Server Central to Offer Dell PowerEdge Servers

February 10, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Server Central, dedicated services provider, today announced the immediate availability of Dell PowerEdge servers in its international data center footprint.

Server Central’s Dell offerings will allow customers to select the operating system, larger memory, and hard disk configurations based on their individual requirements. The plans include several upgrade and customization options including disk mirroring and storage configurations. Each plan also comes with comprehensive hardware maintenance, 24-hour technical support, and initial installation and configuration.

“The introduction of Dell servers into our product line reinforces our commitment to provide the best service in the industry, which we match with the highest quality equipment available,” said Mark Luptak, Vice President of Sales. “The proven performance of our network combined with the reliability of Dell servers is perfect for resource-intensive applications such as streaming media and gaming servers.”

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