Serverless CDN Technology Provider Peer5 Launches New Service for Higher Quality Streams

April 13, 2019
Serverless CDN Technology Provider Peer5 Launches New Service for Higher Quality Streams
Serverless CDN technology provider Peer5 has announced the launch of a new service that offers higher quality streams to “the largest audiences anywhere in the world”. Peer5, which has headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States, was established in 2012. The company specializes in a range of areas including content delivery, live video and video streaming, and other forms on online content distribution. Its unique CDN caters for the high definition and 4K video that quality driven customers demand. Peer5’s P2P CDN increases bandwidth to its peer network and enables publishers to avoid continually paying for servers to ensure they have the capacity to meet peak demand. Its latest service will “help the world’s leading media companies to deliver higher quality streams”.

The new service, Peer5 MultiCDN, is architected to offer “the highest quality video delivery infrastructure” and driven by superlative routing technology and real time client- and server-side switching algorithms - an approach that overcomes a range of performance issues. OTT operators can for the first time use a single API interface to leverage a ‘multi CDN solution-as-a-Service’ solution that offers 400 Tbps and can support “400 million concurrent viewers streaming at 1 Mbps each”.

“In 2012 we started Peer5 with the mission to solve the scalability issues inherent in CDNs,” suggested Hadar Weiss the CEO of Peer5. “Today we are partnering with leading global CDNs to create a completely decentralized network that customers can plug into to get the best performance possible in every region of the world. We are starting with 15 networks integrated into a single performance engineered solution and look forward to adding more CDN partners in the near future.”

As determined by third-party assessment, Peer5 MultiCDN’s availability, latency, and throughput gives it the best performance in the United States and “20 other countries”. The providers that leverage Peer5’s solution deliver events like the FIFA World Cup, which in 2018 World Cup broke streaming records globally with over 100 million streams provided by Peer5’s technology.

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