Silicon Networks Offers Reseller Package for Graphic Designers and Programmers

July 11, 2005
July 11, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web Hosting Provider Silicon Networks is offering a unique marketing plan to attract web hosting reseller customers. The plan targets would be graphic designers and programmers by offering them a doorway into the IT world via their own web hosting company for a $50 investment.

The marketing philosophy maintains that graphic artists and computer professionals that wish to offer web hosting services can provides backbone services without a large investment.

To get the up and coming computer professionals going, Silicon Networks provides a partner package with the following technologies:

Sun Solaris Servers
Linux Red Hat 9 Servers
Windows 2003 Servers

The services offered include shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and co-location services. Located in Silicon Valley, Silicon Networks can provide robust failsafe solutions for web hosting services.

Silicon Networks provides basic packages for resale:

10 Domains with 10 POP3 3 Email Accounts for Just $49.95 per month.

Silicon Networks also provides Dialup, DSL, and T1 connectivity nationwide. With over 12,000 connection points, Silicon Networks has one of the largest dialup networks in the United States.

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