Singapore Web Host 8 To Infinity Offers New Dedicated Server Options

Singapore Web Host 8 To Infinity Offers New Dedicated Server Options
Singapore web host and XBT Holding company 8 To Infinity is offering a number of new dedicated server options targeting small office and home office (SOHO) customers. Servers with Pentium 4 (P4), Core2Duo and Xeon processors will be housed at Singapore's Telin data center and offered at prices from 99 SGD (US$ 79.5) alongside free pre-setup Linux, 1 GB to 4 GB of RAM, and a shared 10 Mbit network. No contracts are required; the servers are being offered on a prepaid basis with no cancellation fees.

Established in 1997, 8 To Infinity caters to a customer base that includes industry, government, gaming companies, and ecommerce companies. Its services include dedicated hosting, colocation, data hosting and CDN services. "Singapore is renowned for being the financial center of the entire Asia Pacific region," explained the company's COO Siarhei Karatkevich. "It is also the landing point for the majority of Transpacific communication cables, ensuring reliable, low latency connection to Hong Kong, China and the rest of the world."

"8 To Infinity continuously strives to improve its offerings to accommodate business requirements of all customer categories," added Karatkevich. "This new promotion is targeted to help small businesses have their servers located in this lucrative business gateway and gain access to its numerous opportunities at a very affordable price."

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