Singaporean Web Host Upgrades to SSD

May 15, 2016
Singaporean Web Host Upgrades to SSD
Over recent years SSD technology has been slowly replacing the 'spinning disk' hard disks more commonly utilized in more traditional web hosting. Having no moving parts, SSD disks are faster and more efficient, resulting in increased page loading times. is one of only a few companies that offer “unlimited” SSD-based services. While traditional “unlimited” hosting might slow down when a larger number of websites have been installed onto a server,’s SSD-based hosting means page loading times remain fast.

The service is supported by RVSiteBuilder - a website builder that provides templates that allow users to quickly build sophisticated websites. In addition, customers that pay on an annual basis receive a free domain name. The SSD upgrade will be a particular benefit for’s reseller customers as they will experience a considerable increase in page loading times.

“Since is using SSD Drives their web hosting services is almost 10X faster than most other web hosting service provider as SSD drives provide very fast disk I/O which is a very important factor when it comes to serving websites,” explained the company’s CEO, Shruti Jain. “Not only this is now even using RVSiteBuilder to provide thousands of templates for your website, you can easily design your own website without needed any web designer to do it for you.”

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