Singaporen Web Hosting Company Offers Free .CN domains.

October 1, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Singaporen Web Hosting Company 8 to Infinity finds itself in a unique position acting as a gateway for companies who want to business in China and Chinese companies looking to do business around the world. The company provides bilingual Chinese and English speaking support staff to handle clients’ support requirements and help "match make" their clients with suitable Chinese companies. To leverage the strength of it is position in the market and the physical location of its servers, 8 to Infinity has announced a limited promotion offering free .CN Domains. The promotion, timed to coincide with “China's Golden week”, is a bid to “to raise the awareness of the ease in which a user can now obtain a Dot CN domain and also to help (its) clients build up their Chinese identity in order to have a better foothold in the China market.” said Lim Boon Chuan, Chief Technical Officer of 8 to Infinity.

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