Small Business Platform GoDaddy Acquires Web Host and Cloud Services Company Media Temple

October 16, 2013
Small Business Platform GoDaddy Acquires Web Host and Cloud Services Company Media Temple
Small business platform GoDaddy has acquired web hosting and cloud services company Media Temple, better known as (mt). This is the sixth GoDaddy acquisition in 15-months.

Media Temple will maintain its brand and operate independently of GoDaddy, working out of its Los Angeles office. The financial details of the deal were not announced.

Established in 1998, Media Temple caters to a broad customer base which includes new businesses and well established corporations like Sony, Nordstrom, The Wall Street Journal, Starbucks, IBM and Volkswagen. The company currently has 125,000 customers and manages around 1.5 million websites. It employs 225 people.

As a company, Media Temple focuses on "the creative class of digital designers, developers, entrepreneurs and innovators" by offering premium hosting services including VPS hosting alongside a range of cloud services, all underpinned by world-class customer service.

The move gives GoDaddy access to Media Temple's developers and web experts and will allow the web host and domain name provider to grow further and extend its footprint globally. The decision to keep the two companies as separate entities was a key aspect of Media Temple co-founder Demian Sellfors' decision to go ahead with the acquisition.

"The people at Media Temple 'get' Web pros and developers ... that alone is a tremendous asset for us," explained Blake Irving, the CEO of GoDaddy. "While we gain Media Temple's insight, we also reach a more technical audience than GoDaddy has served historically. Having done our homework with a deep customer segmentation, we understand there are vastly different needs on the customer continuum between a small business and a developer. We love that (mt) pursues their business their own way and we're committed to make sure that continues under the (mt) brand."

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