SnapLoans to Offer Free Advice to Protect Against Phishing

April 8, 2005
April 8, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - announced they are giving free advice on protecting yourself against phishing attacks. Federal efforts to curb scammers are having little or no effect as internet Phishing scams rise to epidemic levels. Phishing is a scam that deceives users into revealing their credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, passwords, and other sensitive information. Phishing scammers then use the users sensitive information to commit identity fraud often looting a users bank account, running up illegitimate bills, or committing crimes using the users information. The increasing phenomenon of online phishing attacks and other scams is causing consumers to question the security of eCommerce.

According to security vendor Symantec Corp., Phishing scams now exceed over 33 million attempts per week. The Federal Trade Commission warns consumers that Phishing scams often claim to be from a business or organization you trust - for example, Ebay, your bank, or even a government agency.

In testimony last month before the U.S. Senate Committee on banking, FTC Chairman Deborah Platt Majoras recently cited a Federal Trade Commission study that nearly 10 million people had discovered they were victims of identity theft.

One of the fastest growing Phishing scams involves phony mortgage emails sent to trick users into revealing confidential information. The FTC recently filed a complaint against 30 Minute Mortgage Inc. of Boca Raton Florida accusing the “mortgage spamming operation” with collecting personal information including income, Social Security numbers, and employment history.

“Legitimate online loan sites do not collect private consumer information via email,” said Cezar Lotrean, Online Security Chief at Consumer advocates advise online consumers seeking home loans to use well-known online sites like Lending Tree and “Users should be wary of any mortgage offers they receive through email.”

To protect consumers from Phishing attacks, offers free online advice to consumers on how to avoid becoming the victim of a Phishing scam.

As Phishing attempts continue to escalate, regulators are working overtime to locate and prosecute the scam originators. Consumers can prevent falling victim to this scam by educating themselves and following the tips provided by

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