Social Networking Site, gibLink Introduces New Professional Web Solutions

April 7, 2009
April 7, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Always looking for ways to enhance benefits for its 60,000+ members, gibLink, the premier online business social network, has released a new feature that positions gibLink as a one-stop shop for business needs.

Beginning in April, gibLink is offering an unprecedented professional website solution opportunity that will be included as part of the Pro Membership. Since many businesses small and large need a website to stay competitive in the global economy or they already have one and need to reduce the associated cost, this is the next step in providing services that match members' needs.

"A web presence not only helps you sell products and services around the clock around the world," said Ron Snodgrass, co-founder and President of gibLink, "but its greatest impact may be felt closer to home as more and more customers use the Internet to connect with businesses in their neighborhoods."
Members will be able to choose from one of five different tools that best suits their business needs. After purchasing their domain name, they'll have free hosting as part of the product they choose.

The first option is a WordPress professional blog. This state-of-the-art blog platform focuses on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. With a great set of features that are easy to use and effective for attracting readers, members can count on their blog as a powerful marketing and promotional tool. "Having a blog for your business today is no longer optional," said gibLink co-founder and CEO Adam Bernard. "Providing good content in a timely fashion is an essential business builder."

Another web solution is the osCommerce professional online merchant, a complete virtual store that contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend which can be easily installed and configured over a web-based installation procedure. Since many gibLink members sell products and services online, having a professional level e-commerce solution offers the opportunity to do business with thousands of people every day automatically. The virtual store operates 24/7, 365 days a year, reaching potential clients locally, nationally, or globally.

Joomla, an award-winning professional content management system (CMS) is another one of the new tools being offered with pro memberships in April. A CMS is an essential piece of software that keeps track of all website content for small business owners, charities and organizations. Whether it's text, photos, music, or videos, Joomla will manage the content much as a library keeps track of books and stores them.

Videos and photos on business websites are becoming more commonplace, with video testimonials and photos of the business owner utilized to make a connection with the prospect. The new gibLink professional photo and video gallery uses the leading software, Gallery, to quickly upload and arrange photos in albums and make them accessible through a link. This feature is especially useful for demonstrating the use of a product or giving a quick sample of an educational program.
The fifth tool that is part of the professional web solutions offering is the phpBBâ„¢ Open Source forum. Having a forum on a business website is becoming more and more popular as business owners want a way for visitors to exchange information and offer feedback and opinions with each other and the business owner. "With the rise in social networking, business owners are now able to incorporate the community aspect into their own sites," said Bernard. "Through the professional forum option we're offering at gibLink, people can start discussions on any topic and receive opinions from anyone anywhere who wishes to join the conversation."

All of these five products are available through gibLink individually for any member to purchase. However, the special limited time offer of one tool is available in April for Pro Memberships.

gibLink was created by founders Ron Snodgrass and Adam Bernard who saw the need for a global internet community for business and their vision of a Global Internet Business Link. gibLink provides entrepreneurs a community to market and promote their businesses, network with others, share ideas and find new opportunities. Combined with gibLink Revenue Sharing Program it provides members the opportunity to share in the growth and revenue generated by a large social network.

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