SoftLayerT Extends Cloud Services Features

June 11, 2009
June 11, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – SoftLayer Technologies™ has added several new features to its recently launched CloudLayer™ line of cloud services. Key among these is hourly billing for CloudLayer Computing instances, now available at:

*1 Core—$0.15/hour
*2 Core—$0.25/hour
*4 Core—$0.35/hour
*8 Core—$0.50/hour

Outbound bandwidth usage will be charged at $0.10 per GB. As with all SoftLayer computing services, inbound and private network bandwidth is a free service.

Also added was the capability for customers to instantly upgrade computing instances via the company’s industry-leading, proprietary Customer Portal. The following can be upgraded:

*Core and RAM
*Uplink port speed (no reboot required)
*Bandwidth allocation (no reboot required)
*Additional disks

These upgrades are processed automatically and take only a few minutes to complete. While ordering their upgrade, customers are given the option to specify a time for the upgrade to occur.

“Our CloudLayer suite provides comprehensive and powerful on-demand computing resources,” said Nathan Day, Chief Technology Officer for SoftLayer. “With the addition of these new service features, our customers have an even finer degree of scalability at their disposal.”

CloudLayer was released early last month and includes CloudLayer Computing instances, CloudLayer Storage, and CloudLayer CDN. Each is available as a standalone service, or can be integrated with SoftLayer dedicated servers and automated services to create a unified computing environment. CloudLayer provides a wide-range of benefits, including:

Pay As You Go or Monthly Packages: Monthly billing is based on hourly usage or monthly plans with no long-term commitment, letting customers optimize their return on technology investment by paying only for the resources they need and use. Hourly billing will be offered in the near future.
Immediate Scalability: Services are added in real time to accommodate unexpected or temporary changes in demand, providing exactly the level of IT power and capacity as needed, when needed.
Ease of Use and Control: Full control via SoftLayer’s Customer Portal and API provides streamlined, simplified management, as well as direct access to all SoftLayer services and tools.

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