Software Firm WebAssist Releases Dreamweaver Add-on Toolkit

July 15, 2005
July 15, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - WebAssist today released a new software extension for Macromedia Dreamweaver, WA Office Toolkit. WA Office Toolkit helps Web page designers keep their eye focused and their productivity high. Two on-screen, real-time tools included – WA Auto Spell Check and WA Comments – offer a better workflow for solo designers and team collaborators alike.

WA Auto Spell Check highlights potential spelling errors with a clear on-screen display – as you type. On every Web designer’s worst nightmare list is the call from your client after a typo has been found on your just-published site. WA Auto Spell Check is a time saver, a face saver and a potential job saver. The new version of has been re-engineered for greatly enhanced performance and now includes a special option to ignore Latin text, often used by designers as placeholder content.

"With WA Office Toolkit, Web designers can finally enjoy the same type of productivity enhancements that business people have for years with their word processing programs," said Eric Ott, President of WebAssist. Ott continued, "Keeping a Web site clean from typographical errors is a baseline need and the updated version of WA Auto Spell Check included in this product fulfills that need faster and easier than before." Ott feels that the new addition of WA Comments will be "a real boon to design-time collaboration" and help designers working alone to "manage multiple clients and projects by keeping better track of their needs and issues on a page level."

WA Comments brings true note power to Dreamweaver. With WA Comment, notes are added anywhere on the page at design-time; once inserted, any designer viewing the page can see a clear visual indicator that a note is present. Detailed comments are entered and always visible through an on-screen panel. Similar notes can be added to any selected text, tag, image or other page object. Designers can leave notes for team members or reminders for themselves as needed. WA Comments makes it possible to leave more specific notes within the context of a larger comment, in effect, nesting comments within one another. These nested comments are instantly recognized through the custom WA Comments panel.

WA Office Toolkit is available directly from WebAssist for $74.99; owners of the current WA Auto Spell Check version can upgrade for $24.99. Volume discounts are available by contacting WebAssist Sales directly at +1 (760) 633-4013, extension 2.

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