Software Provider for Web Hosting Environments Announces Availability of NOC Monkey V1.5

February 23, 2006
February 23, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Psoft, a Comodo company ( and provider of secure software for web hosting environments has announced the availability of NOC Monkey V1.5. The new version of NOC Monkey provides a range of additional features and functionality based on the requests of customers. Additional features include remote server provisioning with web interface management which allows server access for system recovery or OS installation from a remote location.

NOC Monkey V1.5 features admin and user level access that enables administrators to change root passwords, run fsck in single user mode (for repairing LINUX files), recover hacked servers and custom partition hard disks from the same interface.
A new ‘grab/install’ system enables the system to adapt to various OS/hardware configurations by auto detecting new servers.

"Comodo see hugely enhanced provisioning speeds for datacenter administrators and web hosting companies alike. Within a few clicks, servers can be remotely recovered, operating systems installed and root passwords changed —exercises that usually require a physical presence and take time, effort and therefore money to accomplish," suggested Igor Seletsky, CTO of Comodo and leading innovator of NOC Monkey.

"One immediate benefit of this is improved customer response time. The ability to store multiple server profiles and OS configuration images enables Web hosts to quickly respond to customer’s requirements," continued Mr Seletsky. "Such "deployment on the fly" represents a massive shortcut compared to installing and configuring a system from scratch. Plus support for FreeBSD, the most requested customer feature, makes NOC Monkey much more useful for our clients, and greatly improves the value for our clients."

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