SonaSafe Announces New Version of SonaSafe Suite for Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Windows Servers

July 9, 2007
July 9, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Sonasoft ( has announced a new version of SonaSafe Suite for Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Windows Servers. The new version offers advanced backup/recovery and disaster recovery features including dynamic mailbox backups, customized ports, enhanced replication and recovery capability.

Sonasoft is a high-availability solution, protecting data from hardware/software failures and human errors. The application maintains the redundant, standby server by continually updating the data with that retrieved from the primary system. The standby system can take over instantly in the event of primary system failure. The standby system can be on-site, or located at a remote site for protection against natural or man-made disasters.

Backup of mailboxes over 2GB in PST format on the Exchange Server level is currently not possible because of the limitation inherited in the Mail Application Programming Interface (MAPI) that generates PST files. Dynamic mailbox backup incorporates automatic splitting of mailboxes with sizes over 2GB. Also, the complete backup of mailbox has to be taken only once and then only the incremental backups need to be taken. This feature reduces storage costs and if an email or folder is lost it is easily restored.

Many of Sonasoft’s ASP customers have made requests to use their own user-defined ports to perform backup and restore functionality so as to be able to control their network traffic and maintain network security. Being able to open specific ports across their WAN infrastructure will help limit their exposure to attacks on the commonly used NETBIOS ports. This release provides the ability to create custom ports.

This product release also provides intelligent file level backup and recovery capabilities. Organizations having hundreds of gigabytes of storage sometimes have a desire to backup only a fraction of total data residing on their storage devices. This could be driven by the need of having backups available for important files and folders at the time of a disaster. Another potential need would be the desire to more quickly identify and restore data from a backup set, without spending too much time in recovering an entire volume.

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