SpamExperts Officially Launched Their New Website

January 25, 2012
January 25, 2012 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – SpamExperts the leading provider of e-mail security products from Amsterdam launched the final new version of their website. The site is launched in 5 languages (English, Dutch, German, Portuguese and Spanish) and offers quick and easy access to essential information on e-mail security products for webhosts and enterprises. The launch of the new website is part of SpamExpert's ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability of information about e-mail security products worldwide.

The website has a clear focus on SpamExperts' principal industry focus: providing email security solutions to the hosting and service provider industry. Regardless, also enterprises have their separate section on the site with clear USPs and product information.

The website’s most revealing new feature includes a product-configurator which makes it possible to select your product and licenses as simple as by moving a few icons. Also the layout has been changed which makes it much easier to navigate through the site. In addition to that, the information provisioning is more transparent with more available resources to webhosts and enterprises. Finally, the extensive knowledgebase is filled with additional technical details about the services SpamExperts offers.

The CEO Sam Renkeman stated, “I am really excited to have the new website finally live after our team has worked on it for a long time. The new website is flatter, more transparent, and more user-friendly. Also we included a nice Partner section to give our partners exposure and provide our users more information on the integration options and other benefits that our partnerships create for them.”

About SpamExperts

SpamExperts delivers managed email security in the cloud or on premises, tailored for webhosts: Incoming, outgoing email filtering, and email archiving. Reduce churn, increase revenue, be 100% secure! Full API & standard integration and automation plugins for cPanel, Parallels products, DirectAdmin; Redundant, synchronized, and scalable; 4-Tier controlpanel; multi-level branding options; 24/7 support & SLAs; Fast release cycles and frequent updates.

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