Speculation on Release of Microsoft Lawsuit Software

April 13, 2005
April 13, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Software giant Microsoft could possibly end up with more lawyers than programmers at their current rate filing law suits or being sued or perhaps they’re already there. Microsoft racked up another eight lawsuits in seven states against software resellers and system builders, accusing them of distributing counterfeit and unlicensed computer programs.

While this is small change compared to the 117 civil lawsuits they filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington against companies they accuse of phishing the eight adds to an already impressive list.

Most of the eight companies declined to comment on their legal battles with Redmond, Sherman Leifer, co-owner of M&S Computer Products disputed the companies claims saying, "We're totally baffled at this whole situation. I encourage them to come and audit our books and see that we didn't do anything wrong."

While the litigious software giant has won it’s fair share of legal battles, on the lose some side of things, Microsoft said yesterday that it would settle with Gateway and pay $150 million over four years over the computer maker's claim that it was harmed by Microsoft's abuse of its Windows monopoly.
This is in addition to a $41 million settlement for an earlier dispute with Burst.com, and another charge of $550 million to reserve funds for other antitrust matters.
Microsoft is still negotiating with the European Union as well.

The growing number of legal entanglements leads one to wonder when, not if, Bill Gates’ company will introduce Microsoft Lawsuit software. Just click next, next, OK, finish and sue the pants off ‘em!

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