Spiderhost’s New Sayreville Data Center Ensures Unfailing Service Through Hurricane Season and Beyond

May 21, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Spiderhost, a privately owned custom IT solutions, managed services, and data center company, announces the opening of the company’s fourth data center in Sayreville, New Jersey.

Like Spiderhost’s Atlanta data center, which opened in August 2008, the Sayreville data center is not a primary facility but rather a “hurricane insurance” site complete with a network and servers that act as a backup for the company’s two Orlando data centers.

Spiderhost president Dale Frohman is pleased with the timeframe, saying, “With this new Sayreville data center and our Atlanta data center both fully operational we’re 100% confident that we can meet any challenge hurricane season throws at us.”

Spiderhost configured their four data centers – two in Orlando, one in Atlanta, and one in Sayreville – so that any one data center can serve as the main service area with the others acting as backup.

“With this data center configuration we’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at us,” says Erik Rodriquez, Senior Network Administrator at Spiderhost. “Most people worry about hurricanes, but we’re prepared for that and more. Whether it’s wild fires, sink holes, earthquakes, or man-made disasters, our four data centers act as mirrors of each other. This way our customers remain online and operational in the event one or two data centers are affected.”

The Sayreville data center is the fourth of six planned facilities that ensure customers have the security and reliability they need, and the beginning of a national network of redundant servers.

“We’re building a network of servers throughout the country to act as backups for each other, ensuring 100% uptime for anyone, anywhere. We will sync data and send backups to different sites so there’s virtually no way data can be lost,” Rodriquez added.

Spiderhost saves people thousands of dollars on their IT. An innovative IT partner, Spiderhost helps companies overcome technology challenges so they can focus their time, money, and energy on business, not IT.

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