SRC Technologies to Release Anti-Spyware Beta in August

July 26, 2005
July 26, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Anti-spyware company, SRC Technologies, announced the release of SRC Corp (Beta) today. The new software has bundled anti-adware features and a network management feature into the new software allowing companies to manage their networks from one console.

"SRC Corp is unique software" said Joe Daley, CEO of SRC Technologies, "because it brings together some of the most important functions that business are looking for wrapped up in one easy to use console" Not only does SRC Corp help prevent spyware and adware it also helps with productivity allowing the admin to manage many tasks on the network without actually being in front of the clients machine.

A recent report predicts that the number of corporate users with anti-spyware tools will grow from 16 million users in 2005 to 540 million users in 2009.

It also says the costs could rise to as much as $249 (£139) per user, as IT departments are swamped by users whose computers have been infected by spyware.

SRC Technologies has spent the last year developing and meeting with IT Management from the small networks to very large
networks to find out exactly what their needs are and what features would help secure and streamline their network in the year 2005.
Here are some features provided by SRC Corp.

SRC Corp Beta will be released in August 2005.

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