Startup DivvyCloud Receives Major Investment

May 12, 2019
Startup DivvyCloud Receives Major Investment
Startup DivvyCloud has received a $19 million investment designed to enable the company to grow its cloud security activity. Founded in May 2013, DivvyCloud has global headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, United States. The company has strong compliance credentials (including SOC 2, CIS, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR) and its software solution targets enterprise customers that have embraced “the dynamic self-service nature of public cloud and container infrastructure” and who need to control and minimize security risks automatically and in real-time. The $19 million raised brings DivvyCloud’s total investment received to date to $29 million.

DivvyCloud’s solutions focus on hybrid clouds that couple a company’s inhouse IT potential with the benefits of the public cloud. Typically, such solutions are open to security issues. Its customers include big names like Pizza Hut and over the last year the company has seen a twofold growth in customer numbers. DivvyCloud will use its investment to increase staff numbers, strengthen software policy enforcement, and improve integration with third-party solutions. The company is also considering venturing into new technology areas.

“Data breaches caused by misconfigurations of public cloud services have been dominating headlines in 2019 and are costing enterprises millions of dollars, needlessly,” explained DivvyCloud’s co-founder and CEO, Brian Johnson. “DivvyCloud is uniquely positioned, with our approach to automation that uses real-time remediation to allow enterprises to fully realize the benefits of public cloud and container adoption without the risk of misconfigurations and other common security and compliance issues. With this funding, we intend to deliver specific product advancements; strengthen support for containers, cloud identity, and serverless; and broaden our market penetration to benefit companies around the globe,” he added.

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