Startup Round Two Plans to Offer New FireFox Products

April 15, 2005
April 15, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Startup company Round Two, which plans to do business offering products to FireFox users, Saturday introduced itself to the public, unveiling its corporate web site and announcing sponsorships of the popular FlashGot, Bandwidth Tester and SwitchProxy Firefox add-ons and the web site.

"We are excited to introduce our company and support the development of FlashGot, Bandwidth Tester, SwitchProxy, ExtensionsMirror and other popular and valuable Firefox-related projects," said Bart Decrem, Round Two's co-founder and CEO. Prior to starting Round Two, Mr. Decrem headed marketing and business affairs for the Mozilla Foundation, including the wildly successful launch of Mozilla Firefox 1.0.

Round Two plans to launch its initial offerings, which will be targeted at individual and corporate Firefox users, later this spring. The company's sponsorship of leading Firefox-related projects places it at the heart of the Firefox community:
- FlashGot, which is downloaded by approximately 200,000 people each week, is the most popular Firefox add-on. FlashGot allows Firefox to function with popular third party download managers.
- Bandwidth Tester is downloaded approximately 70,000 times each week, making it one of the five most popular Firefox extensions. This extension allows users to test the speed of their Internet connection.
- SwitchProxy, which has already been downloaded by more than 100,000 users, is rapidly gaining in popularity. SwitchProxy allows users to configure Firefox to function in environments with multiple web proxy servers and lets users surf the Net anonymously.
- is a community web site that offers the largest selection of extensions for Firefox and Thunderbird (the Mozilla Foundation's email application).

"The first time I met the Round Two guys, I was impressed by their user-centric and community-oriented vision. Their sponsorship will contribute additional resources and inspiration to FlashGot," noted Giorgio Maone, the creator of FlashGot, the most popular Firefox extension.

"I'm excited to be working with Round Two because they are helping to foster my development and promote my extensions to a broader audience. Under their umbrella and with Round Two's support, we'll see these extensions evolve in ways that would not have been possible before," said Jeremy Gillick, the author of a dozen Firefox extensions, including Bandwidth Tester and SwitchProxy.

"I’m glad that with the help of Round Two we will be able to continue to improve The Extensions Mirror. We will no longer have to worry about our server infrastructure and will be able to focus on our most important task, mirroring extensions," commented Samir Boulema, the creator of, a popular site for Firefox and Thunderbird extensions.

Round Two also announced sponsorship of a number of other valuable Firefox extensions today, including StockTicker, TinyURL Creator, Copy Plain Text, Extension Uninstaller, Lorem Ipsum Content Generator, OpenDownload, Open Long URLs, Search Plugins and Secure Password Generator.

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