Storage and Backup Trends For 2012 By Handy Backup Program Group

January 17, 2012
January 17, 2012 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Novosoft, international corporation working in the field of offshore development and business management consulting, presented an annual summary on the most significant computer backup trends in 2011 and predictions for backup software and systems in 2012. The corporation points out disk imaging, ease of program use for enormous data backup over a network, and cloud storage featuring affordable pricing and zero downtime to be at the top of the trend list. Among predictions for 2012, there are utilities for improving the performance of network backup solutions, like Unix FUSE for Windows, CORBA standards for distributed utilities, and intelligent virtualization.

"There have been lots of clouds and virtualization in talks on corporate file backup in 2011. But that is just the face. If you make an effort to view the total image, there are many different significant corporate server backup directions," said Aleks Dow, the Director of Novosoft Analytics Department.

"Consider HDD imaging plus with the choice of coping only the OS files and registry (storage space saving mode). Unexplored combinations groups of known thing established on intelligent usage of technologies are what provided the most powerful and most advanced corporate network backup plans in 2011 and hope much in 2012," observed Mr. Dow.

Novosoft's annual summary brings an in depth investigation of corporate data backup software and solutions which tended in 2011. The investigation is given through the field of Handy Backup program progress in 2011, software buyers questions and responses on backup server ( ) services, Handy Backup challengers investigation by Novosoft specialists, and reports by solid expert (Gartner Research group among others).

The special report shows a important enhancement in the performance of the freshly set up network server backup plans. In 2011 there were forwarded HDD imaging with options for coping repository place and assisting system migration between devices, zero downtime and instant restore via virtual machine assist, and great development in cloud storage management.

The use of recent technologies for the Handy Backup software in 2011 brought plug-ins for system only backup, CORBA for server workstation backup cooperation, hot backup for various types of data (e.g. Outlook online backup), browsing of backup files as if they were directories on a local hard disk drive, Exchange Server and MS SQL Server advanced backup, and many other functions.

Among tendencies for 2012, Novosoft analysts call progress of system cloning, recent corporate class cloud backup service vendors entering the market, and more novel technologies getting combined for backup performance (like Linux Knoppix and Naked Objects boosting disaster recovery).

About Handy Backup

Handy Backup is a family of acclaimed data backup, disaster recovery, and synchronization software solutions for home (Home Standard and Home Professional) and business (Small Server and Network Server). The backup software line features one of the industry most powerful collection of features. The product prices vary from $0 for Handy Backup for Android to $599 for Handy Backup Network Server. The current version is 7.0.13.

About Novosoft

Established in 1992, Novosoft LLC is an international company specializing in software development and IT consultancy in the field of business data management. Big names (NASA, Stanford University, Microsoft, IBM, and others), stably growing community of software users, and the highest level of competence bring the company a reputation of industry standard makers.

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