Storage and Information Management Services Provider Iron Mountain Offers AWS Support for Data Services

July 12, 2019
Storage and Information Management Services Provider Iron Mountain Offers AWS Support for Data Services
Storage and information management services provider Iron Mountain Incorporated (Iron Mountain) has announced it is offering Amazon Web Services (AWS) support for its data services. Iron Mountain, which has headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, was established in 1951. The company bills itself as “the global leader for storage and information management services” and caters to around 220,000 organizations globally with a network that reaches 45 countries. It offers a broad range of services including cloud, data center, and colocation services alongside document management and data protection solutions. Iron Mountain’s Data ‘Restoration and Migration Services’ (DRMS) benefit companies that wish to migrate tape-based data to a cloud-based format.

Iron Mountain’s “expanded offering” enables companies and other organizations to bring their data management strategy into the cloud era while maintaining the levels of “security, access, and governance” they are used to. The company is now a ‘Select Technology Partner’ in the ‘AWS Partner Network’ (APN). Its customers can now “accelerate their digital transformation journey with AWS’ and DRMS customers can migrate tape-based data to ‘Amazon Simple Storage Service’ (Amazon S3), ‘Amazon S3 Glacier’ (S3 Glacier), or ‘Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive’ (S3 Glacier Deep Archive). Iron Mountain works with its partners and customers to establish custom strategies for their data migration to AWS. Post migration users can harness and benefit from AWS’ ‘Big Data’, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other applications.

"Bringing together DRMS and AWS delivers on our strategy to align our services with companies like AWS, bringing tremendous value to our mutual customers," explained Iron Mountain’s Vice President and General Manager, Data Protection, Tom Fetters. "As more organizations embrace cloud as part of their digital transformation journey, they seek partners who can help them solve the data protection, integration, migration, access and governance challenges they encounter along the way. Customers understand that their tapes continue to be an essential data source in this journey. Our expanded offering delivers compelling capabilities to AWS customers, leveraging Iron Mountain's proven experience and trusted expertise in helping store, secure, access, and derive value from their data," he added.

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