Stun Gun and Pepper Spray Retailer Offers Advice on Phishing Attacks

June 20, 2005
June 20, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - In Internet security news, tips on defense against phishing attacks were issued from an unusual source today when, an ecommerce site offering tasers, pepper spray, stun guns, crossbows, and other self-defense related weaponry issued a press release on computer security.

While the press release offers typically practical advice such as advising computer users never to click on links or respond to requests for personal information from unsolicited email a quick browse through the site offers up many enjoyably imaginative approaches to Internet security using the goods offered on the website.

The 625,000 volt flagship stun gun from the Stun Master line, “affectionately referred to as the Stun Monster," is more than capable of disabling a virally infected PC from continuing to send unwanted spam or launching further viral attacks.

Likewise, the large and extremely powerful “rifle crossbow” has a 150 pound draw, firing at up to 250 feet per second, which allows this hardwood stock and fiberglass bow to easily pierce even the thickest computer case, to disable an offending PC with accuracy of up to 65 yards in one shot. The rifle crossbow can likewise skewer criminal hackers with Robin Hood-like proficiency.

For those seeking revenge for a DDoS attack or unwanted spam or phising email there are always throwing spikes and ninja climbing gear to get to hackers living in fortified medieval compounds.

And most importantly, “If you think that you may have revealed information to someone not legitimately connected to the Bank: Contact your Bank immediately!”

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