Subscription Business Management Software Provider Ubersmith and Software Provider ModulesGarden Form Partnership

March 7, 2019
Subscription Business Management Software Provider Ubersmith and Software Provider ModulesGarden Form Partnership
Subscription business management software provider Ubersmith and software provider ModulesGarden have formed a partnership. Ubersmith, which has headquarters in New York, United States (alongside a presence in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) was established in 2002. A division of INAP, the company provides a fully integrated suite of “usage-based billing, quoting, order management, infrastructure management and help desk ticketing solutions”. Ubersmith’s services extend to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), cloud management, bandwidth monitoring, and usage-based resource billing. The company deals with a broad customer base of around 100 businesses. Its partnership with ModulesGarden will see the companies work on tailored solutions for “companies adopting subscription business models”.

Established in 2011, ModulesGarden has headquarters in Rzeszów, Poland. The company offers customers “state of the art software with full commitment and attention to the finest detail”. Its services include web hosting, cloud hosting, data center services and Software-as-a Service (SaaS) options. ModulesGarden’s team includes more than 50 software developers, testers, designers and specialists in variety of areas and has completed “over 3,500 custom software development projects and released over 100 official software products”. ModulesGarden will now benefit from Ubersmith’s flexible plug-in system.

“Partnering with ModulesGarden expands our capabilities globally with a company that is an active part of the cloud industry and intimately familiar with its needs,” explained Ubersmith’s Head of Business Development, Jeremy Chang. ”Since Ubersmith software serves as the backbone of many of our customers’ operations, we frequently get requests to integrate with other software and applications run by our customers. The combination of ModulesGarden’s expertise in supplying development services, as well as building integration modules and extensions, will help us better serve the marketplace.”

“Our experience working with data center, cloud and web hosting companies makes us uniquely qualified to work with Ubersmith customers in that industry, along with others that are in, or transitioning to recurring billing systems,” added ModulesGarden’s CEO and founder Konrad Keck. “We also believe there is ample opportunity to work with Ubersmith to extend its software and integrations and adapt those as needed for the specific needs of businesses to improve their operational efficiency.”

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