Sun Gives Away Solaris 10 Free

February 2, 2005
February 2, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Somebody! Take my OS please! Sun, in another move to generate interest in their latest OS Solaris 10 is giving it away as a free download from their site for commercial or personal use. Sun will send out security patches for free but bug fixes require users to sign a support contract.

"There are already 750,000 installations of Solaris 10 through the Software Express for Solaris program. This strong interest underscores the fact that Solaris 10 is delivering tremendous value to customers, partners and developers," said John Loiacono, executive vice president, Software at Sun. "Coming on the heels of Sun's OpenSolaris announcement last week, the availability of Solaris 10 is the latest in a series of milestones for Sun." Extreme Performance With Solaris 10 Solaris recently released 1,600 patents for the OS just after President Jonathan Schwartz blasted IBM in his personal blog for failing to provide support for the OS.

Sun is also rumored to be planning an AOL style mass mail out of the OS on CD in tandem with a spam campaign which will automatically install the Solaris for anyone who opens the email. (Rumor officially started here)

"Strong customer demand has accelerated our support for Solaris 10," said Sean Duclaux, director, Product Management and Infrastructure Management at BMC Software, Inc. "On the heels of Sun's release of Solaris 10 to the public, we intend to extend PATROL's already rich Solaris support to include Solaris 10."

Solaris 10 can be downloaded from the Sun site at this location:

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