Super Bowl Ad On Tap for Super Hip GoDaddy

January 26, 2005
January 26, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host is synergizing on their hipness by placing an ad in the ultimately hip Super Bowl and offering $3.99 hosting. The Super Bowl is watched by millions of viewers each year and is also the year's single largest gambling event. GoDaddy is hoping to cash in on the Super Bowl and the 40 percent of Americans who will be watching it by placing one of the 2.3$ million ads.

Some industry analysts have tried to warn GoDaddy away from such a high out of pocket expense but from the name of the company to CEO Bob Parsons blog ( its easy to see that GoDaddy is a lot more than a soulless corporate entity with clever branding but an actual honest to goodness human endeavor.

In researching this article I was sure Parsons would use his blog to pump up the company’s super bowl but instead on searching on the word “super” I found his thoughts on FOX refusing to air an ad with 2 seconds of Andy Rooney’s bare butt and his feelings about censorship and the power of small groups of focused political activists ability to sway corporate policy.

Here’s hoping GoDaddy scores a touchdown with its Super Bowl advertisement.

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