SurfStats Software Releases New Web Analytics Tool for Web Hosts

April 21, 2005
April 21, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - SurfStats Software announced the release of a new, cost effective website analytics and traffic statistics reporting solution that can provide a new profitable revenue stream for Web Hosts and ISP’s.

SurfStatsLive Enterprise Reporting Server is now offered as a Rental Option for $50 per month per installed server. No limit is placed on the number of site profiles or number of page views.

SurfStats Software’s CEO Johan Calitz says: “This low risk and low cost rental offering makes providing quality website traffic statistics a cost effective and profitable service offering for web hosts. A host can use the free 30-day trial period to entice clients to sign up for the service. The host then signs up and is billed at the end of the next month. A host with 500 clients can now provide quality E-commerce Capable Web Site Statistics at a cost of 10 cent per client per month. To bring this low cost more in perspective - A well-known competitor charges $495 per site profile per month for a comparable service. If a host with 500 clients charges a very reasonable $2.50 per site profile per client per month, this means an additional profit of $1200 per server per month with no capital outlay!”

SurfStatsLive Reporting Server was originally designed for Web Hosts to provide remote Real-Time or On-Demand Website Analytics and Statistics reports for their clients. It provides Website Traffic Activity Reports down to sub-directory level on Microsoft Windows Servers with IIS. Three levels of authentication are provided to make it suitable for resellers as well – Server Administrator, Profile Administrator and End User. The software can run on the same Windows Web Server or as a Dedicated Statistics Server to process log files from other web servers running other operating systems (e.g. Apache on Linux) on the local area network. The software can be remotely administered and reports can be accessed using popular browsers..

Prices for the products US$495 to purchase a SurfStatsLive Reporting Server license US$995 to purchase a SurfStatsLive Enterprise Reporting Server license US$50 per month per server to rent the SurfStatsLive Enterprise Reporting Server

The prices are valid for one month after the press release. SurfStats Software reserves the right to modify prices without any notification

System Requirements:
The Reporting Server Editions require the Windows 2000/2003 Server operating system. The operating system may affect the minimum hardware requirements.

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