Survey Suggests Businesses in Canada Need to Do More to Protect Data in the Cloud

October 31, 2016
Survey Suggests Businesses in Canada Need to Do More to Protect Data in the Cloud
A survey by cloud giant Microsoft has suggested businesses in Canada need to do more to secure their data. Microsoft, which has headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, United States, is a leading cloud provider offering Office 365 - a collaboration, communication and productivity suite – alongside a cloud storage and computing solution Azure. The company also has several ‘big data’ offerings. Its advice to Canadian businesses is based on a recent survey the corporation conducted.

Microsoft’s survey showed that around 75% Canadian businesses executives agreed they were not fully prepared for possible security breaches. The survey took in 700 senior Canadian executives. Roughly 30% of the those surveyed suggested establishing procedures to address potential risks were key objectives for their businesses in 2017.

The survey went on to suggest that 68% of Canadian companies are utilizing cloud solutions, 58% were concerned about security issues as far as migrating to the cloud is concerned. 47% suggested they had privacy concerns as far as the cloud is concerned. Despite this only 21% felt their companies has adequately prepared to deal with hacks or other intrusions. 85% of those surveyed suggested that they wanted their companies’ data to stay within Canada’s borders.

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