SWsoft Launches Virtuozzo Upgrade at LinuxWorld Expo

August 11, 2005
August 11, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Today at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo (August 8-11, 2005 at the Moscone Center), server automation software firm SWsoft announced the availability of Virtuozzo 2.6.2 for Linux. The newest version of Virtuozzo for Linux includes physical to virtual migration (VZP2V), expanded Virtuozzo Control Center (VZCC) tools, expanded platform support and more. Virtuozzo for Linux 2.6.2 is unique in providing full support of both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

“We are excited to provide this new tool to help migrate hosted servers from physical to virtual environments,” said Kurt Daniel, director of marketing, SWsoft. “Virtuozzo 2.6.2 now makes it easier for hosters, resellers and their customers to automate the transition from a physical infrastructure to a virtual infrastructure with significant increases in performance, availability, manageability, and profitability. Along with many additional 2.6.2 enhancements, providers can immediately migrate existing dedicated customers as well as customers of other providers to Virtuozzo-powered virtual offerings.”

“We continue to see huge demand for virtualization-based offerings and with Virtuozzo we meet this demand allowing us to grow even faster and more profitably,” said Thomas Strohe, co-founder and director of business development, Intergenia. “Virtuozzo is the clear choice for hosting companies because it clearly outperforms any other virtualization technology. Delivering Virtuozzo-powered plans such as Dynamic Servers and Virtual Private Servers, provides attractive solutions that our customers have complete control over.”

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