Tech Assets, Inc. and Hulk Hogan Join Forces to Launch Hostamania in Late October 2013

October 5, 2013
Tech Assets, Inc. and Hulk Hogan Join Forces to Launch Hostamania in Late October 2013
Tech Assets, Inc. and Hulk Hogan have joined forces to launch Hostamania in late c. Tech Assets is a leading hosting provider with a range of brands including WordPress Cloud Hosting provider,, Email Marketing SaaS provider. SendUser, and web host WebIntellects. Other brands include OpenSourceHost, Niche Web Hosting, Christian Web Host, and DomainRegi.

Through its brands Tech Assets, Inc hosts over 120,000 websites and has offices in Columbus, Ohio, St. Petersburg, Florida and San Diego, California. With the tagline "Web Hosting by Hulk Hogan", Tech Assets' new Hostamania brand will leverage Hulk Hogan's profile. Professional wrestler Hogan is recognized globally as one of the leading professional sports entertainers in the United States. The two are now in a formal partnership with Hostamania providing a "powerful cloud hosting platform" alongside domain name registration services.

The Hostamania launch will feature a Hulk Hogan video created by Salt Media Group's Daniel Jones. “I’m well known for being an over-the-top personality, in and out of the ring, but this new video is going to get your attention, brother! I love the result—it’s fun and people will definitely talk about it,” explained Mr. Hogan. “Making a website has never been easy, but with Hostamania, I’m getting back in the ring to make sure that anyone can set up a site,” Mr. Hogan added. “I didn’t get to be the world champion by settling for anything but the best, so I’m very excited to have a great staff and some amazing technology in my corner. This is going to be huge, brother!”

The new Hulk Hogan video can be seen at the Hostamania website.

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