Technology Integrator SAIC Gains Key VMware Certification

July 11, 2018
Technology Integrator SAIC Gains Key VMware Certification
Technology integrator Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) has gained a key VMware certification. SAIC, which has headquarters in Reston, Virginia, United States, was established in 2013. The company provides “full life cycle services and solutions” that cover a range of areas including enterprise information technology, intelligence and engineering. It primarily caters to the federal government in the United States and offers systems engineering and integration solutions for “large, complex projects”. It employs around 15,000 and boasts revenues of around $4.5 billion. SAIC has now acquired validated design certification for software-defined data centers – one of only 10 companies to have achieved this status.

VMware’s Certified Partner Architecture program ensures its partners SDDC architectures are tested and verified by the company’s Validated Design team. VMware’s Validated Design Certification “forms the basis of SAIC’s software-defined Infrastructure, cloud brokerage, and cloud managed services offerings” and offers the company a “highly capable cloud management platform certified by VMware through rigorous testing”. Achieving the certification is based on a rigorous investigation into a company’s capabilities. It ensures a “significant reduction in risk and schedule by deploying an SDDC capability more efficiently and in an automated and repeatable fashion”.

“SAIC is pleased to join VMWare’s Certified Partner Architecture program, giving us access to VMware’s DTK,” explained the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Information Technology Solutions Market Segment at SAIC, John Walsh. “The DTK coupled with SAIC’s certified architecture enables us to help our customers to achieve their cloud goals quickly and efficiently regardless of the type of cloud structure.”

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