Technology Service Provider Promotes Shared Web Hosting

September 4, 2006
September 4, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – UK technology service provider Business Arc (BIZARC – has released a white paper on the environmental impact of small- to medium-sized business (SMB) technology in the UK. Entitled, “It feels good to share”, the white paper, the first in a series, considers the impact of SMB’s operating dedicated servers and expresses the opinion that shared hosting is environmentally more beneficial.

The papers author, Matt Gahan, Chairman of BIZARC and an “environmental evangelist” suggested, “The new breed of service provider has to be stronger, more secure and fully accountable, so in many ways a customers decision to outsource purely comes down to cost and personal preference. However, this is the easy bit to work out… With every technology decision there are always indirect costs and implications so the point behind our research was to highlight the environmental impact of small business expanding its energy footprint by making the decision to in-source. Servers aren’t like PC’s they are always on! With 84% of UK business classed as SMB’s, it isn’t hard to see my point.”

Mr. Gahan is aware that as a managed service provider, BIZARC would be inclined to prove an argument that would benefit their organization, but added, “Cynic’s should just read it and then come back to me with alternative research. I live on this planet and I happen to disagree with destroying it for short term gain so I’ll leave you with this thought… Two thousand companies each running a web server 24x7, or companies like us running them all on one platform - which do you think would be greener?”

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