TechSpace Acquires 21,000 Web Hosting Clients from Gateway

March 15, 2005
March 15, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Facilities provider TechSpace, has acquired 21,000 business-class web hosting, dedicated server and co-location customers and over 500 web sites from Gateway LLC.

Through the expansion of networking facilities within its Aliso Viejo-based datacenter, TechSpace currently has the capacity to serve thousands of Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) company accounts, and millions of end user accounts.

"Our new customers will receive superior value and support from TechSpace," said James "Watty" Watson, CEO of TechSpace. We are dedicated to providing turn-key hosting services and simple to use IT outsourcing solutions to our customers."

Aliso Viejo-based TechSpace recently expanded its datacenter offerings. It has simultaneously entered into discussions with several Internet Service Providers and hosting companies to acquire their customer assets in an effort to expand utilization of their hosting and infrastructure management systems.

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