Telco Voxtell Chooses Ubersmith Business Management Software

August 14, 2019
Telco Voxtell Chooses Ubersmith Business Management Software
Telecommunications company Voxtell has chosen to leverage Ubersmith’s business management software. Voxtell, which has headquarters in Orlando, Florida, United States, specializes in cloud-based business phone systems, virtual phone systems, and virtual/cloud-based PBX solutions. The company targets small and medium-sized companies offering solutions based on the latest telecommunications technology. Ubersmith’s solutions will server to improve Voxtell’s customer experience.

Ubersmith is part of the INAP group of companies and has headquarters in New York, United States. The company’s suite of software solutions manage a range of business functions including billing, quotations, orders, and help desk ticketing. Catering to customers around the world, Ubersmith is “the leader in subscription management software for the cloud and beyond”. Its solutions addressed a key issue that Voxtell faced.

Voxtell’s cloud-based phone solution is “easy to set up, reliable and integrates seamlessly with other systems, like HubSpot and Salesforce”. It is also cost-effective because customers do not need to manage their own infrastructure. The system is “fully scalable” meaning customers can “expand their system as their business grows”. Their success meant they generated “increasing amounts of customer data” and had issues managing customer-related data that was based in a diverse range of systems.

Ubersmith’s subscription business management software consolidated the company’s data and enabled Voxtell to manage customers, billing, sales and contracts from a single interface. “Now, it’s smooth sailing from the start when we generate the initial sales quote to signing an order form to provisioning customer services,” explained Voxtell’s CEO and founder Junior Smizmaul. “Everyone at Voxtell has access to the customer data they need immediately – without having to wait or switch between systems.”

“It’s critical for every subscription business to have accurate, up-to-date customer information that can be shared among departments for billing, services and sales,” added Ubersmith’s CEO Kurt Daniel. “At the same time, it’s essential that businesses – like Voxtell – have the ability to grow without having to worry about developing, scaling and integrating the systems in place that support their customers.”

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