Terremark’s Managed Hosting Subsidiary to Host Internal Systems for Sandd

January 25, 2007
January 25, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Terremark’s managed hosting subsidiary, Dedigate, N.V. (http://www.dedigate.com), will host internal systems for Sandd, one of the largest postal and logistic services companies in Holland, the company announced today. The agreement between the two companies is based on a “multi-year contract” to host their systems in the Netherlands.

Sandd’s decision to choose Dedigate to host the company’s “mission-critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and back-office systems” was based on the “robust, innovative solutions and the scalability offered by Dedigate’s platforms.”

“The Dutch postal market is characterized by the efficient services and low postal rates. In order to deliver an excellent price-quality ratio, we are focused on improvements in our operational performance,” explained Sandd’s ICT Manager, Laurens Oppers. “That is why we, in consultation with Magnus, our consulting firm, decided to outsource the management of our core IT systems to an external managed hosting specialist like Dedigate.”

“Dedigate’s experience in managing the infrastructure that supports the mission-critical ERP systems was one of the reasons we recommended Dedigate. Dedigate offers the swift and efficient service Sandd needs to continue excelling in their core company processes,” added André Damsteegt, a Magnus consultant.

“We are very pleased with Sandd’s decision to select Dedigate as their hosting partner,” said CEO of Dedigate, Joost Metten. ”We have designed a custom infrastructure to meet Sandd’s needs and demands while offering the redundancy necessary for their most critical systems, even in case of a major peak in traffic due to an unusual natural disaster.”

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