The Advantage Group Releases Enterprise Application Monitor

June 28, 2005
June 28, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - The Advantage Group is pleased to announce Enterprise Application Monitor, the newest addition to their suite of network and infrastructure monitoring products.

Enterprise Application Monitor is a Web-based application that allows you to monitor applications and system resources. It works in conjunction with your own scripts and applications to provide a centralized view of all system and application monitoring. Enterprise Application Monitor allows you to view alarms and display values from multiple applications and scripts on a single web-based console. Add a few simple command lines to your script or a couple of lines of code to your application and you’re ready to go.

If you have a script that monitors disk usage on your server and have another application that monitors database access statistics, for example, you can add a few simple command lines to allow you to monitor both from a single web-based console. You can also interact with a network management system (NMS) by configuring Enterprise Application Monitor to send an SNMP trap when an event occurs.

While Enterprise Application Monitor is a powerful tool when used as a stand-alone product, its true capabilities are realized when it is used in conjunction with the Enterprise Device Manager software from The Advantage Group. You may already be using Enterprise Device Manager to monitor your critical infrastructure including UPSs, PDUs, switches, IP cameras, and environmental and rack monitoring devices. If so, Enterprise Application Monitor is a perfect addition! Now you can use the power of Enterprise Device Manager’s real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities to also monitor your applications and system resources.

Enterprise Application Monitor will run on the following operating systems:

- Windows 2000
- Windows XP Professional
- Windows 2003
- RedHat Linux
- Mandriva Linux
- Sun Solaris

The complete suite of network and infrastructure monitoring products from The Advantage Group includes:

-Enterprise Application Monitor: script, application and system resource monitor

-Enterprise Device Manager: monitor up to 1,000 devices including UPSs, PDUs, rack and environmental monitors and IP cameras

-Enterprise Premier: links multiple versions of Enterprise Device Manager together to allow monitoring of tens of thousands of devices

-Device Manager: UPS management and system shutdown software

-NetCom: SNMP/Web card for managing UPSs

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