The Southeast Asian Market’s Interest in Green Data Centers Growing

April 23, 2016
The Southeast Asian Market’s Interest in Green Data Centers Growing
A new report suggests that Southeast Asia’s data center market will generate 359 million by 2020. The report also suggests that the Southeast Asian market’s interest in ‘green data centers’ is growing and will remain a key market trend until 2020. Entitled ‘Data Center Market in Southeast Asia 2016-2020‘, the report was provided by Technavio, which has headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

Technavio bills itself as a “leading technology research and advisory company with a global coverage” with a focus on “emerging technology trends that can shape the market”. The company looks at over 5000 market research reports in a range of industries to establish market intelligence. According to its latest report, the move towards green data centers is a response to growing carbon emission caused by data center electricity usage within the area.

“These services help in achieving energy efficiency in IT operations, and management of power and cooling infrastructure by reducing electricity consumption and carbon footprint,” explained Rakesh Panda, one of the contributors to the report. “Innovative support for data centers will improve the efficiency of data center facilities, including use of renewable energy sources, free cooling techniques, consolidation, and waste recycling to operate a green data center facility. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook are some of the major players who are currently operating green data centers.”

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