The Web Hosting Month in Review - June

July 1, 2005
Month in Review - June 2005

The news month of June started off with new website, HostBizTools, opening it's directory service of tools and products geared towards the web hosting industry open it's doors.

Web hosting plan prices continue to fall with AllValueHosting dropping prices through the floor and giving 2 months free hosting away as well while AIT has a free month for customers who switch to them along with a data migration expert to help in the move. Excel meanwhile is offering a very low priced reseller plan. In an act of philanthropy, Thats Hosting is offering a 30% discount on hosting to charitable organizations.

In Internet security news LogiGuard warned of a new virus that writes to a computers host file to prevent anti-virus software and Windows updates from occurring. Pepper spray and stun gun retailer, ThreatYellowCon, meanwhile had offered a 625,000 volt method for dealing with phishing attacks and hackers alike.

Web hosts and technology companies considering business plans with potential for liability should take a look at the differences between the fates of PartyGaming the $9 billion online poker firm and file sharing company Grokster. After off-shoring everything PartyGaming founders made hundreds of millions from their illegal product's IPO in London while US based firms whose products are misused are now wide open to lawsuits.

In hosting tech news, United Airlines is planning on an in-flight Wi-Fi service for domestic flights by the end of 2006. Meanwhile, BuilderTech, a new web hosting firm to open this fall, has selected SWsoft's PEM data center automation platform to completely build out and manage its business. SWsoft, by the way, also profited from a $12.4 million deal with Intel this month. In other tech news Comodo released their new CP+ dedicated server control panel.

A British study reveals that most companies lose an average of two weeks of time per year waiting for machines to reboot.

Pakistani web host, Web World Center, highlights the need for opportunistic web hosting companies to operate on a franchise model overseas.

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