The Web Hosting News Month in Review - July 2005

August 1, 2005
The Web Hosting News Month in Review - July 2005

The web hosting news month of July started off in the political sphere with the Bush administration promising to do battle with the UN over the future of ICANN and the administration of the Internet while Covad sounded off on the Supreme Court ruling on Brand X cable ruling. Then moving out of the political sphere and into the 'religious,' Microsoft touched off another minor storm amongst the Linux faithful with a Wipro technologies study on the total cost of ownership for Windows vs. Linux while the e-Knights of the Cross have put out a warning that could affect domain registrars and web hosts alike that 'WWW' is ancient Hebrew for '666' or the Mark of the Beast.

Russian spam king Vardan Kushnir was found beaten to death in his apartment in a killing apparently unrelated to his spamming, meanwhile, the extradition hearing began for British hacker Gary McKinnon who made his way into Department of Defense, NASA, and other top level secure computers in a quest to find information on UFOs.

In domain and hosting market offerings news, Global Name Registry has been approved as a domain registrar for the TLD .name as is accepting 'try-before-you-buy' registrations. FreeHosting123 is offering free web hosting for non-profit organizations. Go Daddy is now offering low-cost reseller hosting program that starts at $99 a month and in more domain registrar news Eliteral is offering TLD pre-registrations for .jobs, .travel, and .eu domains.

In terms of partnerships, improvements and investments this month, Google is investing money into Broadband over Powerlines or BPL technology which could turn the search engine giant into a giant ISP, MCI datacenters have earned ISO 9001 certifications while Telecom and web host XO have inked a deal with Also, web host The Planet has joined the Worldwide Taskforce on Cyber Attacks.

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