ThePlanet Installs Arbor Networks’ Peakflow DoS Syn Flood Traffic Analysis Solution

February 10, 2005
February 10, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – The Planet recently announced that it has installed Arbor Networks’ Peakflow DoS (Denial of Service), Syn Flood and Traffic Analysis solution as part of its advanced multi-layer security system.

The Arbor Networks Peakflow solution operates in conjunction with The Planet’s TippingPoint UnityOne IPS and Cisco Guard flood prevention systems. This multi-level architecture represents the cutting edge in security and allows The Planet to ensure maximum customer uptime, according to William Charnock, Vice President of Network Engineering at The Planet.

Mr. Charnock said the number and complexity of attacks on the Internet has dramatically increased over the past 12 months as sophisticated hackers continue to create new attack schemes and make the scripts widely available. The Arbor Networks solution is ideal because it can identify virtually any type of DoS attack before damage is done, he said, allowing The Planet’s Cisco Guards to block the attack while forwarding legitimate traffic to its destination.

"Peakflow instantaneously notifies our Security Operations Center analysts when suspicious activities are detected on our customers’ networks, so we can proactively prevent intrusions. It also helps us characterize traffic based on services and protocols, as well as identify and assess potential peering partners," Charnock said. Peakflow is available as a standard service to all of the company’s customers at no additional cost.

"Peakflow integrates perfectly with The Planet's advanced multi-tiered security protocols," said Tom Schuster, the newly-appointed president of Arbor Networks. "Peakflow SP proactively detects and traces network-wide anomalies, such as DoS attacks and worms, and tightly integrates with Cisco routers and Cisco Guard to block the attacks instantaneously."

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