Thomas Hancock Joins Hosting and Data Center Solutions Provider QuadraNet

August 29, 2018
Thomas Hancock Joins Hosting and Data Center Solutions Provider QuadraNet
Thomas Hancock has joined hosting and data center solutions provider QuadraNet Enterprises, LLC. (QuadraNet). QuadraNet, which has headquarters in Los Angeles, California, United States, was established in 2001. Initially a telecommunications provider, the company evolved its service offerings to meet increased demand for Internet-based products and services. Its full suite of data center offerings includes hosting and cloud-based and colocation services alongside dedicated server and cluster management solutions. The company also offers bandwidth provision options. QuadraNet’s services are currently available in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, and New Jersey. Mr. Hancock joins the company as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Mr. Hancock is an industry veteran who brings over a decade of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) experience to his new post. His career to date has included co-founder of 100TB when it was part of British Internet and data center services provider UK2 Group. He also previously held an executive position at privacy and security services provider London Trust Media, Inc. At QuadraNet Mr. Hancock will be in charge of developing the company’s infrastructure and will manage the company’s move into new markets.

“Thomas has demonstrated a great amount of knowledge when it comes to team leadership, infrastructure management and platform development,” suggested Ilan Mishan, the CEO of QuadraNet in a press release. “Thomas’ appointment as COO signifies QuadraNet’s continued dedication to serving businesses that are dependent on the cloud and IaaS, and we look forward to making our products and services even more accessible to the masses.”

“I’m extremely excited to join a very talented leadership team who are hugely dedicated to making a world class, innovative, infrastructure experience,” added Mr. Hancock. “I aim to help our customers thrive and continue to build innovative infrastructure products.”

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