Offers File Hosting for Merchants and Musicians

July 27, 2005
July 27, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - File hosting and sales platform has released a new version of its file distribution platform, integrating content syndication via RSS feeds., which was launched in January, currently hosts more than 1,500 active digital merchants. Some of these merchants are independent musicians who urged the webmasters of to integrate podcasting technology, the latest hot topic in technology for distributing songs to the public.

Users with free MP3 files can now podcast these files. The available starter package is free and allows up to 20 megabytes of storage space; if a merchant wants to sell his or her content, the PayPal payment service can be used.

Music lovers may search and browse the Internet for various topics available as MP3 sound files and download them directly into an MP3 player (The Apple iPod is the most successful tool for doing this). has constantly evolved during the past six months as a huge resource for all digital goods. Although recently launched, many users already consider to be a big "digital flea market" because it hosts over 50,000 files that are of various types and categories. More than 100 independent musicians host or sell their music at

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