UK’s Miss Group Receives £13 Million Investment

June 30, 2019
UK’s Miss Group Receives £13 Million Investment
The United Kingdom’s Miss Group has received a £13 million ($16.5 million) investment. Miss Group, which has headquarters in Manchester, United Kingdom, was established in 2014. The group also has a presence in the United States, Sweden, Bulgaria, Mexico, and India. It offers a full suite of services including web hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), dedicated servers, SSL certificates, and SEO services. ICANN-accredited, the Miss Group also offers domain registration and management services. The investment the company has received to date totals £19 million ($24 million).

The Miss Group is an umbrella organization for a number of hosting brands. These include Miss Hosting, Miss Domain, 4UKHOST, Heymo, NameISP StableHost, FS Data, and Hemsida24. The group’s latest investment was received from BGF and will be used to fuel the company’s international growth. News of the investment comes on the heels of several acquisitions by the company. These include Hemsida24 and Heymo, which are intended to help the company reach a customer base in Scandinavia. Earlier this year the company bought FS Data. It expects sales of around £21 million ($26.5 million) in 2019.

"We have ambitious plans for growth and a strategy to add additional complementary acquisitions to our stable,” explained the group’s CEO Mattias Kaneteg. “We believe there’s still significant growth potential to expand into new markets, which we’re able to do with the funding and support provided by BGF.”

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