UK Business Hosting Provider Launches New Reseller Platform

UK Business Hosting Provider Launches New Reseller Platform
UK business hosting provider has launched a new platform for web hosting resellers. The company, which has headquarters in Manchester, United Kingdom, offers a range of web hosting packages "designed to meet a wide variety of needs for developers, designers and small businesses". Alongside Reseller Hosting, these packages include Professional Hosting, Business Hosting, and domain name registration. Its new reseller platform represents the culmination of 15 years experience catering for the needs of web designers, web developers and online businesses.

Possibly the most important aspect of's new platform is its ability to provide services on a 'white label' basis. The platform provides services that are entirely free of branding, allowing customers to resell web hosting using their own pricing structures. The platform also combines "extraordinary new hardware" and "proprietary backend systems" designed by the company's web development team.'s solution is underpinned by Dell R420 servers with 8 Core Intel Xeon Processors alongside 192GB RAM - a combination designed for the fastest possible operation. The solution is further enhanced by the use of RAID6 Solid State Drive (SSD) storage. SSD drives have no moving parts and as a result operate significantly faster than the "spinning disk" hard disk used in more traditional hosting services.

Another benefit of's solution is each reseller hosting account is virtualized, meaning each virtual container is isolated from others on a server. The platform scales resources to address the needs of specific users and permits resellers to setup specifications for each domain under a reseller account and manage and allocate server resources. The new platform also offers a "seamless experience" for resellers, providing weekly, automatic weekly backups to the Amazon S3 Cloud for all data (including email) completely free of charge.

''We've offered a reseller package for a long time but it was in need of a makeover," explained's Technical Director, Daniel Foster. "We've taken our time to make sure the new implementation is what our customers need and after extensive testing are proud to release our Reseller Hosting package for immediate availability. Designers or digital agencies in need of hosting for their clients will find the Plesk 12 interface ideally suited to providing hosting to their clients, featuring Parallel's WordPress toolkit. Multiple sites can be up and running in an instant whenever they're required. The package is also suited to those customers who want to host a large number of domains themselves and manage them through one central location.'''s reseller packages begin at £29.95 ($45.40) per month including VAT and offer a client satisfaction money back guarantee.

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