UnifiedRoot Offers 'Behind the Dot' Suffixes

November 30, 2005
November 30, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Amsterdam-based UnifiedRoot (www.unifiedroot.com) has created an Internet addressing system that allows people to register easily remembered domain names with business/activity appropriate suffixes. The domain names the company provides do not require top-level suffixes such as ‘.com’, ‘.net’, or ‘.org’, but instead provide more intuitive 'behind the dot' suffixes such as ‘.airport’, and ‘.company’.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) permitting the UnifiedRoot extensions now offer subscribers automatic access to an 'inclusive' Internet directory that recognizes current domain names alongside the 2500+ new top-level suffixes recognized in the UnifiedRoot directory. The company predicts a rapid growth in usage as more ISPs permit its naming strategy.

Discussing their offering Erik Seeboldt, Managing Director of UnifiedRoot suggested, "UnifiedRoot has created a logical and essential next step in the evolution of Internet addressing. We are building a user-base - a kind of 'open domain initiative'- free of the restrictions imposed by the current dot-com top-level domain system. No longer will a company have to worry about holding and administering its brand under several second-level domains as part of the various TLDs - such as .com, .net, .uk - in order to ensure its customers are able to find them. Companies can also structure their second-level domains to direct customers to items and places where the company wishes. We are launching this project with worldwide partners such as Internet Service Providers and companies in the technology and telecommunications sectors. The current domain structure is the subject of intense criticism and a new naming system is inevitable if the Internet is to evolve."

UnifiedRoot has a network of servers (including 13 master root servers) located worldwide which conduct the registration of domains. Tiscali, one of the leading European ISPs, caters for 4.8 million UnifiedRoot end users in six different countries.

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