Unisecure Data Centers Announces Launch of Enhanced VPS and Cloud Computing Options

August 12, 2018
Unisecure Data Centers Announces Launch of Enhanced VPS and Cloud Computing Options
Unisecure Data Centers (Unisecure) has announced the launch of enhanced Virtual Private Server (VPS) and cloud computing options. Unisecure, which has headquarters in New York, United States, was established in 1997. The company has “servers located in Philadelphia and Conshohocken” and its services also extend to dedicated servers, VPS hosting, colocation services and a fully US-based cloud platform. Unisecure has more than 50,000 customers globally and provides cost-effective, reliable and scalable VPS server hosting and cloud computing plans with SSD storage.

Unisecure has expanded its ‘VPS Server Hosting’ to ‘Pure SSD’ which now offers “high volume memory sharing”. Its virtual hosting servers offer capacities of 512MB to 64GB. SSD servers work faster that the more traditional ‘spinning disk’ hard drives meaning faster page loading times. The company’s servers offer a “traditional spinning hard-drive allotment” of more than 450GB for Pure SSD nodes and “over 7TB of Big Data nodes”.

“We are always working for our customer's to give them best webhosting service experience with Unisecure Data Centers,” explained a representative of Unisecure’s management. “Day by day amount of Data is becoming bigger, eventually cloud computing needs will increase to meet demanda. Our expanded VPS server Plans are getting ahead of our commitments to allow customer's to expand high volume VPS packages with cost of bare Metal Server on our Data Centers Platform".

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