US LEC Offers Virus and Spam Threats Defense

January 25, 2006
January 25, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH) – US LEC (, a provider of IP, data and voice solutions to business in the Eastern United States, recently announced the launch of ‘E-mail Defense’, an anti-virus and anti-spam service designed to stop malicious email reaching business servers.

"A US LEC customer with E-mail Defense adds protection against dangerous e-mail attacks overloading their servers and network infrastructure," said Jeff Blackey, senior vice president of marketing and business development for US LEC. "E-mail Defense helps stop dangerous traffic before it can enter the customer's network, allowing customers to stay focused on business objectives and less on unnecessary bandwidth consumption and network security threats."

E-mail Defense works on any email platform and scans and filters malicious files before they enter a network. The service is maintained by LEC meaning customers do not need to invest time updating virus definitions and spam-blockers. The increases in available bandwidth and server capacity have obvious benefits for an organization including greater efficiency and cost reduction. In addition, the service generates reports that allow users to monitor malicious traffic and review and delete suspect email.

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