US Research Suggests Facebook Has Most "Very Active" Users

January 15, 2015
US Research Suggests Facebook Has Most
For those involved in social network marketing, interesting research recently conducted in the United States suggests that Facebook has the most "very active" users of all social networks. However, the research, carried out by the Pew Research Center - a " nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world" - also suggests that Facebook's growth is slowing with users moving to other networks. Despite this, daily engagement on Facebook appears to be growing.

The research, which took place in September 2014, involved a survey of 1,597 Internet users. Results from the survey suggests the demographic for Facebook has changed considerably, with 65% of Internet users 65 years old and over suggesting they were Facebook members.

79% of those questioned who used just one social network, used Facebook. In addition, the survey suggests 71% of those questioned were active on Facebook, the same figure as in August 2013, meaning that while other networks experienced usage growth in the period, there was no growth in Facebook usage. 70% of those in the survey suggested they visited Facebook daily, up from 63% in 2013. 45% suggested they visited the network 'several' times a day.

As far as other networks were concerned, the research suggests 28% of those involved in the survey used LinkedIn and Pinterest, with 23% using Twitter. In addition, 49% of Instagram members and 17% of Pinterest members use those networks on a daily basis, while 36% of Twitter users visit the site daily. Only 13% of LinkedIn users said they visit the site daily.

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