USSHC will Host Wikia

January 8, 2008
January 8, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Wikia, the ‘for profit’ search solution created by Wikia, Inc., will be hosted by United States Secure Hosting Center (, it was announced recently.

USSHC is a secure colocation data center located in Monticello, Iowa, USA. The center will be responsible for all aspects of hosting for Wikia, including disaster recovery. It is housed underground and therefore able to promise robust security and redundancy. The facility used was initially designed with protecting American government data in mind. "USSHC is serving as our critical hub for this launch, their level of service and security is as unprecedented as the disaster tolerance of their facility itself," explained Wikia Search’s Jeremie Miller.

“We are very excited to host Wikia at our facility for their various projects,” added USSHC’s CEO, Mr. Jerry Pasker. “Our facility allows us to offer the best physical security available without breaking your budget. Companies that are looking for more than just commodity data center space expect a higher standard. We're able to offer that peace of mind through our attention to detail and dedication to having the best systems and practices in place.”

Wikia is related to Wikipedia, created by Jimmy Wales. The project will involve establishing ways to present search data through open editing. It will avoid using algorithms for search engine results and will utilize user feedback instead. The idea is that with a community checking search results, its feedback will establish more accurate results.

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