VeriSign Releases New Email Security

January 24, 2005
January 24, 2005 -- (HOSTSEARCH.COM) -- VeriSign, Inc., recently criticized for categorically blocking email from China, Europe, and New Zealand to its users, today announced new enhancements to the VeriSign Email Security Service in an attempt to promote confidence in its email service and security system.

Enhancements to the VeriSign Email Security Service include simplified administration, content and policy filtering, spam filtering and virus protection. VeriSign will demonstrate these new capabilities at Lotusphere 2005 in Orlando, Florida on January 23-27, 2005.

"Our customers have found that the VeriSign Email Security Service is easy to deploy and guarantees high levels of availability and accuracy. It provides automatic, rapid updates of heuristics and signatures to reduce the burden on an IT staff," said Chad Kinzelberg, vice president, Security Services, VeriSign. "However, as security related events continue to rise, we recognized a need to provide advanced features to keep our customers ahead of email threats."

VeriSign did not additionally comment on the spam blocking beyond what they’ve already claimed, i.e. that VeriSign customers are very happy with their aggressive anti-spamming campaign.

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