Verizon Cloud Downtime: 40 Hours

January 12, 2015
Verizon Cloud Downtime: 40 Hours
Customers of the Verizon Cloud experienced substantial downtime last Saturday and Sunday, with the company’s service offline for around 40 hours for planned ‘maintenance’. The purpose of the maintenance was purportedly to upgrade Verizon’s cloud so that future upgrades would be seamless and avoid the necessity of downtime.

“This system maintenance was completed at 5 pm ET on January 11 and the new features take effect immediately for all Verizon Cloud customers,” suggested the company’s website. “The seamless upgrade functionality allows Verizon to conduct major system upgrades without interrupting service or limiting infrastructure capacity.” Verizon’s cloud customers were forced to reboot their virtual machines once the maintenance was complete.

Verizon informed customers of the impending downtime the previous weekend, initially stating the downtime would be for 48 hours. The move comes in the wake of downtime at Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and Amazon Web Services over recent months. In the latter cases the downtime had been entirely unplanned. Should Verizon’s future upgrades be genuinely ‘seamless’, this will perhaps offer the company a significant advantage when compared to its competitors.

Did you experience the Verizon Cloud downtime? What was your experience? Let us know the details. Add your comments below.

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